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Small Fir Bark (F) (2)


Mulch is used to retain moisture in the soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, and make the garden bed look more attractive. Organic mulches also help improve the soil’s fertility, as they decompose. Also, an affordable way to add color.


We offer the best bark in North County!

Unmatched Quality!

Mini Fir Bark

Size 1/4 Inch

Organic Decorative Bark

Perfect for flower or rose beds for a nice clean look.

*For areas that might be considered ‘a bit windy’ you may choose to consider a larger bark.  

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Size 1-2 Inch

Organic Decorative Bark

Holds its color very well. 

Perfect for windy areas.

Small Fir Bark

Size 5/8 inch minus  

Organic Decorative Bark

A favorite among landscapers for many landscape projects.

Medium Fir Bark

Redwood Shredded Mulch 

Organic Gorilla Hair Mulch

Very easy to maintain and tends to have a long color life. Great for moisture retention and erosion control.

Excellent for slopes, banks and commercial jobs.

Size 2 Inch Minus

Organic Decorative Bark

Holds it color well and is excellent for moisture retention and weed abatement.

#1 in San Diego County

Most ideally suited for foot traffic and pathway or walking areas, larger landscape areas and small groves.

Dyed Red Mulch Black Dyed Mulch 1 Dyed Brown Mulch

Dyed  Black

Playground Chips

Triple Grind Redwood

Triple Grinded

Organic Mulch

A suitable organic alternative for sphagnum peat

moss or Coco Coir (in certain applications) because

of its similar chemical properties and slow rate of


1 Inch minus 100% Cedar

Certified for playgrounds.

Good shock absorbency, which helps prevent injuries from falls. Sheds moisture, so NO mildew and mold. 

Prevents Pests/Insects

Best in SD!

Dyed Brown

Dyed Red

Helps prevents weeds in your lawn!

Pictured Above: Small Fir Bark

Sequoia Forest Mulch

2 Inch minus

Organic Ground Cover Mulch

Screened twice.

Composted 6 weeks, turned and watered.

Nice product for a budget!

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*3 yd minimum

Perfect touch to spruce up your landscape

Dyed Mulches


can last up to 2 years +

Playground Sequoia Forest Mulch Trucks (4) Shredded- walk on- fir bark (New 1) Nitrolized Shavings Compost (New) (2)

Nitrolized Shavings

5/8 Inch

Organic Black Fir-Derived Shavings

For growers' custom blending and many landscape applications. Soft to the touch and smells wonderful!

Dyed Mulches

2 Inch minus.

Natural Decorative Mulch w/ Dyes

Pigmentation lasts for 2+ years!

Excellent Decorative Mulch

Dyed Red Mulch (F) (2) Dyed Black Mulch (F) (2) Dyed Brown Mulch (F) (2)

Dyed Black is a natural black

Dyed Brown is a rich chocolate

Dyed Red is a brick red

Medium Fir Bark SMALL Gorilla Hair Pathway Mulch Ground Fir Bark

Shredded Premium ‘Walk On’ Fir Bark

Cedar Shredded Mulch 

Organic Shredded Mulch

Perfect to put around plants and flowers!

Natural Pesticide

Excellent for slopes, banks and commercial jobs.

Size 1/4 Inch

Organice Enriching Bark

Enriches existing potting soil to add moisture and aeration. Great topper for around plants.

*For areas that might be considered ‘a bit windy’ you may choose to consider a larger bark.  

Ground Fir Bark

Pathway Forest Fines

5/8 Inch

Organic Mulch

Very finely shredded mulch.

Perfect for pathways and walkways to go around flower and plant beds.

Mini Fir Bark.png Small Fir Bark Landscape Mulch Triple Screened Sequoia Fines

Triple Screened Sequoia Fines

Landscape Mulch

3 Inch Minus

Organic Ground Cover Mulch

Triple Screened.

Composted 6 weeks, turned and watered.

Budget friendly!

2 Inch minus 

Organic Ground Cover Mulch

Golden color at first. Will turn natural tan over time.  

Natural light color!

Gorilla Hair Cedar Gorilla Hair