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Super Compost

Organic Compost & Soil Conditioners

Soil-like material rich in stabilized carbon

produced from the breakdown of organic

materials. Considered a "soil amendment"

rather than a fertilizer because it usually

contains smaller amounts of nitrogen,

phosphorus and potassium than

mineral-based commercial fertilizer products.


Benefits of applying compost include:

•restoring or enhancing the ability of sandy soil to hold

moisture and clay soils to drain;

•repairing or preventing damage caused by erosion; and

•aiding plant growth – e.g., in residential gardens, public landscapes or after construction and mining projects are completed.

Dark Rich  50/50 Compost

50/50 blend of mushroom composted (no weed seeds) and Canadian Fir Shavings

Dark rich mix; Perfect tilling new lawns, ground cover areas and for planting lawns, trees and hearty shrubs.

*If using existing soil, use 60% of existing soil with 40% of our 50/50 dark rich organic compost mix (plants and trees). This mix can also be used to spread around existing plants for a quick pop of nitrogen. (not to be used for Palms)

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Compost (Seed Topper + General Mulching)

Canadian Fir Shavings with 10% Manure

Composted for 6 months (Organic Fertilizer)  

Light mix; Specifically designed as seed topper.

(Either  seeding or re-seeding lawns) 

Helps retain moisture and weed prevention.



Compost (seed topper) (New)

Mushroom Compost (Aged 6 months)

100% Pure

Great additive to existing soil. Very high in nutrients. 

*If using existing soil, use 2/3 existing soil and 1/3 of our mushroom compost.

Biochar Supercharged Compost

50/50 Dark Rich Compost with Biochar

Improves nutrient efficiency, microbial activity, and accumulation

of stable organic matter in soil.

Turn your entire yard green

Pictured Above: Super Compost

Mushroom Compost (New) (2) Rich5050 Dark Compost (2)

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All materials are composted correctly for temperature control to kill all bad bacteria! Only good bacteria left!

Biochar Compost 45548051_2224689097777506_3474117664694075392_o Worm Castings (2)

Organic form of fertilizer produced from earthworms

Miracle natural fertilizer. Optimal soil enricher. Contains humic acid which aids plant nutrient absorption.

Improve soil and plant growth. super food of garden plants. Removes heavy metals and other toxins from soil. raise larger, healthier plants with less environmental impact.

Worm Castings (CDFA Certified)

Super Compost

Super Compost (CDFA Certified)

80/20 Dark Rich Compost with Pure Green

Class A Humice blended in with our compost.

Superior blend for vigorious growth.

Not for vegetables!