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Organic Compost & Soil Conditioners

Soil-like material rich in stabilized carbon

produced from the breakdown of organic

materials. Considered a "soil amendment"

rather than a fertilizer because it usually

contains smaller amounts of nitrogen,

phosphorus and potassium than

mineral-based commercial fertilizer products.


Benefits of applying compost include:

•restoring or enhancing the ability of sandy soil to hold

moisture and clay soils to drain;

•repairing or preventing damage caused by erosion; and

•aiding plant growth – e.g., in residential gardens, public landscapes or after construction and mining projects are completed.

Dark Rich  50/50 Organic Compost Mix

50/50 blend of mushroom composted (no weed seeds) and Canadian Fir Shavings

Dark rich mix; Perfect tilling new lawns, ground cover areas and for planting lawns, trees and hearty shrubs.

*If using existing soil, use 60% of existing soil with 40% of our 50/50 dark rich organic compost mix (plants and trees). This mix can also be used to spread around existing plants for a quick pop of nitrogen. (not to be used for Palms)

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Compost (Seed Topper + General Mulching)

Canadian Fir Shavings with 10% Manure

Composted for 6 months (Organic Fertilizer)  

Light mix; Specifically designed as seed topper.

(Either  seeding or re-seeding lawns) 

Helps retain moisture and weed prevention.



Compost (seed topper) (New)

Mushroom Compost (Aged 6 months)

100% Pure

Great additive to existing soil. Very high in nutrients. 

*If using existing soil, use 2/3 existing soil and 1/3 of our mushroom compost.

Biochar Supercharged Compost

50/50 Dark Rich Compost with Biochar

Improves nutrient efficiency, microbial activity, and accumulation

of stable organic matter in soil.

What sets us apart from our competitors? It's simple: Eastman Soil NEVER uses processed sludge products.

Mushroom Compost (Hands)

Turn your entire yard green

Pictured Above: Mushroom Compost

Mushroom Compost (New) (2) Rich5050 Dark Compost (2)

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All materials are composted correctly for temperature control to kill all bad bacteria! Only good bacteria left!

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