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Amended Topsoil #1 (Hands)

Crafted to Perfection

Pictured Above: Amended Topsoil #1

All-Organic Amended Topsoils

Eastman Soil Amendments has all quality products for your landscape needs. For the best prices in town, you're getting the best product, the best service, and a greener lawn.


*Our entire selection is 100% organic and made fresh on-site.

*Our imported soils are lab tested with no pesticides or hazardous content!

*100% organic fresh soil is the upmost importance!


For all premium landscape needs and soil products, we offer pick up or delivery to all of San Diego county.


Create the lawn and landscape of your dreams with quality products.

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Amended Topsoil #1



Amended Topsoil #1 (New) Amended Topsoil #2 (Veggie Mix) (New) Amended Topsoil #3 (Plant Mix) (New)

60/40 blend of Virgin topsoil with rich compost.

Great for general use, sod, seeding, ground cover and hardy plants!

Amended Topsoil #6 (Cactus Mix)


Amended Topsoil #4 (Succulent Mix)

Amended Topsoil #3 (Plant Mix)

Amended Topsoil #2 (Veggie Mix)

A combination of Wash Sand, Nitro Fir,

Perlite or Pumice with Special Ingredients added.

Specifically created for cactus plants. Perfect for pots and will drain superbly.

50/50 blend of virgin topsoil with rich compost.

Perfected mix exclusively for your veggie plants!  

Just add your seeds or small seedlings to our mix and watch them take off!

60/40 blend of rich compost with virgin top soil.

Excellent for level planting areas, gentle slopes, top dressing, all flowering plants, fruits, rose gardens, palms, trees, greenery, shrubbery etc.

60/20/20 blend

Landscape Plantings and Moundings. Drains well! 

(Not for pots or containers!)

70/30 blend of virgin soil and rich compost.

Premium Soil! Perfect for all projects!

Excellent use for Sod and Seed Application 

Double the nutrients compared to our competitors!


7030 Contractors (New)

We can make any custom blend specific to your planting and landscape needs! Call today and let us know how our team can help you!

Trucks (4) Amended Topsoil #6 (Cactus Mix)

Amended Topsoil #5 (Sod Mix)

Amended Topsoil #4 (Succulent Mix)

Mixture of Nitrolized Fir shavings, Washed Concrete Sand, Compost and Sandy Loam Topsoil

Used primarily by Palm nurseries and Palm growers.

Palm Mix (For Containers)

Palm Mix 420 Mix

420/Hemp Soils (Indoor/Outdoor)

Please call for Specs. Ask for Bill

Indoor, Outdoor and Custom Mixes

Specialized for all 420 needs.

Can blend anyway!