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Finest Organic Top Soil


Bark in San Diego County


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Sandy Loam Top Soils

We prefer the term "virgin topsoil" as opposed to "organic topsoil" as true unscreened topsoil contains its natural minerals and nutrients.


We screen daily on-site which means your materials are put together fresh daily and ready to go. The best quality for your plants and landscaping.

Unscreened Topsoil


Genuine virgin topsoil. Hails from the local coast

of San Diego County.

Ideal use for a base behind retaining walls and planters.

Also, great as a base for any areas that will receive 10” or so of any amended soil mixes.

Create the lawn and landscape of your dreams with quality products.

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3/8 minus finely screened

Groomed from the top 6 inches of virgin soil (still maintains its natural nutrients)

Perfect for areas where compost will be added.

Also, great for as a finishing soil or for filling holes.  

Screened Premium Topsoil


Unscreened Topsoil (New) Screened Premium Topsoil (New) Screened Premium Topsoil (Hands)

Grow greener grass and taller plants!

Picture Above: Screened Premium Topsoil

Fast Delivery!

Same or Next day delivery!

*3 yd minimum


10+ Varieties

of Geniune Marathon Sod Available

*Order 1 week ahead of delivery

*Must be installed within 2-3 hours after delivery

*Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday delivery days only

All members of the Marathon Famly stay green year-round and are deep rooted, drought resistant and very well adapted to varying Southern California climates and soils.


We guarantee every Marathon lawn for one full year!

If it dies with a minimum level of maintenance, we'll replace it free! So, insist on quality - always makes sure it's Genuine Marathon.

Mixture of concrete sand washed, sandy loam and hardwood compost

A low-impact way to create an eco-friendly retention system that really works!

Used for Bio Retention and Basins. Helps retention ponds better filter out contaminants from water, improving water quality and increasing vegetation growth.


*Specs are different based on city. We can make up any blend for any personal or commercial use.

Bio Soils or Bioswale Soils (bioretention or biofiltration)

Bio Soil 45548051_2224689097777506_3474117664694075392_o Cococoir (New)

A waste product of the coconut fiber industry

5.7 - 6.1 Ph Level, low in nutrients, natural byproduct of coconut harvests. Comes from outer husk of coconut.

Preferred soil for garden plants. Most herbs develop their best flavor in low-nutrient soils. Improves soil drainage and moisture management in both heavy clay soils and dry, sandy beds.

Coco Coir

Peat Moss

Peat Moss

Dead fibrous material

Low Ph Level, No nutrients,  takes several millennia for peat moss to form. One application of peat moss lasts for several years. Doesn’t contain harmful microorganisms or weed seeds.  

Holds nutrients present in the soil until plants need them. It is the only soil amendment that helps soil achieve the proper balance of air and water. Great for blueberries and camellias. Also best used for gardening needs and lawn care.