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Specialty Planting Mixes

Sometimes regular soil just won't do. Give us your specs and we can make a specialty mix just for you!


Let us know what you're planting and we can either tell you what you need or we can make a custom blend!

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Palm Mix (for containers)

Mixture of Nitrolized Fir shavings, Decomposed Granite and Virgin Sandy Loam 

Used primarily by Palm nurseries and Palm growers.

Custom Blends


Cococoir (Hands)

Quality soil, mulch and sand

Pictured Above: Coco Coir

Cococoir (New) 420 Mix Pumice Stone

Coco Coir

Pumice Stone

420 Mixes

Peat Moss/Cococoir/Pumice or Perlite/Biochar Compost/Worm Castings/ Granite Dust

Indoor and Outdoor Mixes for Hemp

Specialized for all 420 needs.

Can blend anyway!

*Mixture Varies depending on specs

A waste product of the coconut fiber industry

5.7 - 6.1 Ph Level, low in nutrients, natural byproduct of coconut harvests. Comes from outer husk of coconut.

Preferred soil for garden plants. Most herbs develop their best flavor in low-nutrient soils. Improves soil drainage and moisture management in both heavy clay soils and dry, sandy beds.

1/4 - 3/8 Inch

Volcanic rock that consists of highly vesicular rough textured volcanic glass. Lightweight.

Amends garden soil improving aeration and drainage while maintaining moisture levels. Excellent soil conditioner, imparting excellent water and air holding properties. Once in place in the soil, pumice performs continuously and indefinitely.

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Dead fibrous material

Low Ph Level, No nutrients,  takes several millennia for peat moss to form. One application of peat moss lasts for several years. Doesn’t contain harmful microorganisms or weed seeds.  

Holds nutrients present in the soil until plants need them. It is the only soil amendment that helps soil achieve the proper balance of air and water. Great for blueberries and camellias. Also best used for gardening needs and lawn care.

3/8 inch charcoal used as a soil conditioner

Stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years

Increases soil fertility of acidic soils (low pH soils), increases agricultural productivity, and provides protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases.

Amorphous volcanic glass, Industrial Mineral

Size #4. Extremely light weight. Occurs naturally and has the unusual property of greatly expanding when heated sufficiently.

Improves aeration and modifies the soil substructure, keeping it loose, well-draining and defying compaction.

Feels like popcorn or styrofoam!

Peat Moss

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